The Best Pregnancy Products and Baby Gear You Can Buy in 2019

best pregnancy products

So you’re about to welcome a little bundle of joy. Congratulations!

As an expectant parent, there are scores of products that people, commercials, books, and articles encourage you to buy. So many that they all can’t possibly be necessary, right?

If you’re pregnant or have a newborn baby, keep reading to learn about the best pregnancy products and baby gear available in 2019. No more guessing and second-guessing, you can get exactly what you need and be sure it’s the best out there!

1. LaVie Warming Lactation Massager

One of the top complaints from new moms is swollen, painful, or infected breasts. You’ve probably heard of using warm washcloths and cabbage leaves to soothe the pain. But now there’s a great tool to help you!

The Warming Lactation Massager by LaVie vibrates and warms, so you can massage it over your poor breasts. It’s supposed to help relieve pain, prevent breast mastitis, and improve milk flow.

It also claims to cut down on pumping time, since your milk flow is improved. Give it a try! $79.95 online.

2. Wash. It. Later.

This product is simple yet genius! Oftentimes your baby will soak through their clothes or experience a “blowout.” You’ll want to clean their clothes but have no time.

Wash. It. Later. is a single-use bag wherein you can store and soak soiled clothes until you can get around to washing them. The bag contains a soaking pod, you add some water, then those cute little pants can soak until you’re ready to deal with them.

You pay $13 for three bags + soaking pods and you can order online. This product will especially appeal to you if you’re a busy mom. If so, check out this blog article about time management for working moms.

3. Collapsabottle

Finally, a collapsible baby bottle! No more wasting precious diaper bag space with bulky bottles!

This is a silicone product with switchable heads. Depending on the head you choose, the product can be a bottle, a sippy cup, or a normal cup.

Remove the head and it collapses into a little disc. Easy to store, easy to clean, just plain easy! Collapse and Go (the company responsible for Collapsabottle) began as a Kickstarter and was such a win that the Collapsabottle is now available to order online for $20.

4. Belly Bandit Anti Bra

This one’s for you pregnant or new mamas! Fed up with painful, bulky, or obvious bras? The Belly Bandit Anti Bra will be your lifesaver.

This bra is designed to be lightweight, inconspicuous, and comfortable. In fact, they claim that it’s “invisible” under your clothes.

It’s purposely made without wires, so no more painful digging into your skin! One Anti Bra is $47. It could end up being a game changer for you!

The Four Best Pregnancy Products of 2019 Are No Longer a Secret — You Can Take Advantage of Them!

These are the best pregnancy products, new mom products, and new baby products of 2019! You can stop scrolling endlessly through baby sites, wondering what’s the most effective.

Your time, energy, money, and sanity can be greatly served by these revolutionary products. And if you’re looking for full-time daycare for your sweet little one (or ones), contact us for all the info you need!