Las Vegas School Closings Daycare + School

CCSD School closures and COVID-19

A message from our director to parents of school-age children:

With the COVID-19 virus spreading and CCSD beginning to feel pressure to closedown, Peace Garden Childcare wants to inform our community that we have decided to open two classrooms here to offer childcare services/school to families of school-aged children.

We understand that many families still have to work, and a closure would make it difficult for them to do so.
Although we are in no way a very large center, we can commit to assisting 40 children.
We are focusing on our younger school-aged children first (Kindergarten and First grade).

In addition, we have three Teachers that work for Peace Garden that are currently substitute teachers with CCSD. They work with us at night. These Teachers are Kindergarten Teachers and will be able to continue the academic curriculum here.

The children will be in a small, safe, clean, and virus-free environment.

We have a coded entry, tablets with Brightwheel apps to stay in contact with families in real-time, and surveillance cameras throughout the center. We are able to offer the same services as the schools (example: transportation to/from home, academics, physical education, etc.) just in a much smaller environment.

We have been in frequent contact with SNVHD and Child Care Licensing regarding our requirements as a child care center and due to our size, we will not be required to close.

Enhanced Cleaning

We have enhanced our already robust cleaning, health, and safety standards by implementing the following new policies and procedures:

  • All doors knobs, furniture, kiosk, toys, restrooms cubbies, supplies etc. are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.
  • All surfaces are disinfected multiple times a day.
  • All children are required to wash their hands multiple times a day and taught to practice good personal hygiene.
  • No sick children or employees will be allowed in the center.
  • A portable sink has been placed outside in front of the center with antibacterial soap. All persons entering the center MUST wash their hands prior to entering.
  • We placed a large order with Lakeshore School Supplies purchasing some new furniture, supplies, toys etc.
  • All carpets are shampooed monthly exceeding the SNVHD requirement of every 3 months.
  • Floors are swept and mopped multiple times a day.
  • Floors are stripped and waxed monthly.

We are taking all precautions to keep the center clean and virus-free. We want to keep our doors open and remain open for our community so that we can continue to offer exemplary service in a safe, clean environment.


Rate – $150 per week for a 10 hour day (includes classroom teaching by a certified CCSD teacher).
Transportation – to/from home (4.0 mile radius) $5 one-way (15 passenger van)

Please call us to book your space – (702) 331-4594