How to Start a Stress-Free Morning Routine for Your Kids

morning routine for kids

Why do some parents seem to have it all together while your kid is are taking a bath in his orange juice? The secret to successful days starts with having a simple morning routine for kids.

Kids need routine activities to give them a feeling of security as they develop. Routines help them understand what is expected of them and establish self-discipline. A routine will also help your child have a sense of self-accomplishment each morning and help everyone start the day off right.

Establishing a Successful Morning Routine for Kids

Your mornings don’t have to be chaotic, tear-filled dashes to get out the door and to daycare or school. Here are a few helpful tips for establishing a good morning routine for kids before dropping them off at the childcare center.

Allow Plenty of Time

If you think your kids will need an hour to get up, get dressed, and eat breakfast, give yourself an hour and fifteen minutes. The most important part of a tear-free morning routine for kids is allowing them enough time to complete it.

Losing your patience because you are running late makes you later and ruins everyone’s morning, including your own.

Remind them of the Fun to Come

It’s easier to get up and moving when you look forward to the day. Remind your child that his day at the daycare center will be spent playing with his friends, drawing, and other fun activities.

Plan for the Morning

Set out your child’s clothing and make his lunch the night before. This saves time and stress when you are rushing to get out of the door in the morning. For added minutes in your morning, you can make breakfast at night, too.

Keep Your Routines on the Weekends

A preschool morning routine is most effective when it’s followed every day, even on weekends. This includes your child waking up and going to bed at the same time every day. You can be a little more relaxed on some mornings, but make sure the kids are still following the same basic steps as your weekday morning routine.

There’s an App for That

Don’t be afraid to embrace technology to help your mornings run smoothly. There are apps for phones and tablets that can help your child visualize the passage of time and reward them for accomplishing their tasks. The best part of these adorable apps? Many of them are free.

When Your Routines are Anything But Routine

A morning routine for kids can be adapted to any schedule. If you work the night shift, for instance, your routine revolves around dinner, baths, and bedtime. Consistency is the key in for successful transitions for kids, whether it’s a toddler morning routine or a night-time routine to get them to bed.

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