How to Introduce Your Toddler to a New Baby

new baby

Remember what it was like bringing home your first child? The waves of emotion ranging from joy to exhaustion?

Many families don’t stop at just one. In fact, 41% of US adults believe having three or more children is ideal. With a new baby coming soon, you’ve got another bundle of joy — so get ready for round two! 

This time around, your little one has a built-in older sibling. You may be thinking, what’s the best way to introduce your original mini-me to your newborn?

You won’t be able to predict how your toddler will react to a new baby in the family. But, if you take the right steps you can help reduce stress or confusion for your toddler. 

Keep reading to find out the best steps to prepare your toddler for a new sibling.  

A New Baby is on the Way 

Some toddlers instantly take on the protective older sibling role. But, some children may not understand what it means to have a new baby attached to their mom

Here are steps to take so your toddler feels excited about the family expansion. 

Step 1: Pre-Birth Introductions 

Simply talk to your toddler about the new baby. You don’t want to keep it a surprise for too long.

This allows them to ask any questions ahead of time while you get to build their excitement for a new sibling.

Step 2: Make Changes Before the Baby Arrives 

If your toddler becomes a Mr. Grumpy Gills, a big change once the baby is home may end in meltdowns or resentment.

Don’t wait to downsize your toddler’s room or playroom. Instead, start making changes to your home early on so your toddler has time to adjust.

Frame this opportunity as a celebration rather than a punishment. Encourage your toddler to share their space instead of taking it away.

Step 3: Focus on Your Toddler 

You’re going to have your hands full with a newborn and this is likely to cause some tears from your toddler. Any moment you can give your toddler attention will offset possible jealousy. Make time for one-on-one moments to remind them they are still important and loved. 

Step 4: Encourage Family Bonding

The day you bring your newborn home will most likely be the first time your toddler meets your newborn. This moment doesn’t haven’t to be a planned extravaganza. 

You should emphasize the baby is here to be the best sibling for them. Encourage your toddler to give a gift to the new baby. If you foster a connection between your toddler and your baby, they’ll want to help take care of the new baby. 

Remember Your Kids Will be Siblings for Life

A new baby is a total life change for the entire family. You’re going to want to create a smooth transition from having one toddler to having two young kids. 

Don’t stay up worrying though. Ultimately, you can’t force a connection. Keep encouraging love and quality time and your kids will grow up in a loving environment. 

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