First Time Movie Goer: 7 Tips Your Kids First Cinema Experience

first time movie

Before you had kids, a trip to the movies wasn’t exactly a luxury. But with a toddler in tow, taking a huge bundle of energy to the big screen may feel like a scary movie itself!

Is your kid ready for their first time movie experience? Follow these 7 tips and you can make sure that the only drama in the room is on-screen.

Are you ready? Grab your popcorn, let’s go!

1. Ready for Anything

How do you know if your child is ready for their first movie experience? According to Common Sense Media, it depends on the child. Some kids are ready from the age of 3, whereas others may feel more comfortable aged 5-6 years old.

Before your kids first movie, think about these questions:

  • Are they sensitive to loud noises or bright lights?
  • Are they scared of the dark?
  • How long is their attention span?

Kids watching movies in the cinema can be a scary business. So make sure they are ready for the intense experience.

2. Preparation Is Key

Don’t throw the movie-going experience upon them out of the blue. Prepare them by telling them what’s going to happen.

Get them excited about it by letting them watch the trailer. You might even be able to buy merchandise beforehand, such as a plush-toy from the movie.

This will help them to feel engaged and in control.

3. Kid-Friendly Movies

When it’s your kids first movie, it obviously needs to be child-friendly. Animations are always a great option for kids in cinema. As well as the right movie theme, look for shorter, slower-paced movies.

4. Time It Right

Many parents and teachers believe that children are able to focus better in the mornings. This is because they have just eaten breakfast and had a good nights sleep. This is the best time for your kids’ first movie experience.

And don’t forget to skip the ads and trailers. The fast-paced ads can be a scary introduction for kids watching movies at the theatre for the first time.

5. Best Seat in the House

You might feel inclined to pick the seats in the middle for the ultimate viewing experience. But the best seat in the house for kids in cinema is the aisle seat!

Potty breaks, leg stretches, hunger pangs, tantrums and more. Sitting in the aisle will cause less disruption to other moviegoers.

6. Snacks, Glorious Snacks

Pack as many drinks and snacks as you can carry. Or buy some snacks when you arrive. This may help you to avoid a terrible tantrum.

And before you go to the movies, make sure they are well-fed so they don’t get overly hungry during the show.

7. Go with the Flow

If your kids first movie turns into a nightmare, just leave. You can try again later.

You may feel you’ve wasted money on tickets. But don’t force them to sit through something they’re obviously not ready for. But a short break in the lobby may be all they need to calm down.

You won’t be the first (or last) parent who’s taken their kid out the theatre kicking and screaming!

Is Your Kid Ready for Their First Time Movie Experience?

Is your little one ready for their first time movie experience? Follow these tips and your kids’ first movie will be a total success!

Of course, having your kids at the movies may not give you the ultimate cinema experience. If there’s a movie you really want to see, it’s better to get a babysitter and head out for date night.

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