Date Night for Parents: 3 Fun Ideas to Really Connect With Your Spouse

date night for parents

You can’t spend all your time wiping poop and wrangling toddlers. You and your spouse need a break to recharge and reconnect; a night where it’s just about the two of you. 

A date night for parents is incredibly important. In fact, Psychology Today argues that it’s not a luxury, but necessary for a happy and healthy relationship. Here are a few great ideas for date night that will help you connect with your partner!

1. Play Board Games

Modern board games have come a long way since the days of Monopoly and Clue (not that there’s anything wrong with the classics!) You might be surprised at the scope and selection of modern board games. 

Board games are a great activity for couples because they engage your mind and encourage conversation. Not a fan of conflict? That’s fine, there are many cooperative board games where you and your partner can work together to try and solve problems and beat the game as a team!

Not sure which game to start with? Go to a board game cafe! These are awesome places for a date and many have libraries of games you can try without having to buy the game yourself!

2. Exercise

The couple that sweats together, stays together! Drop the kids off at daycare and hit the gym with each other, (the rates are cheaper than you think!) You can keep your bodies and your relationship healthy at the same time!

Try rock climbing! There are a ton of rock climbing gyms that can teach you how, and give you easy drop-in access to the hobby without having to plan a trip out to the mountains. 

3. Read to Each Other

Remember when you were a kid and your parents read to you? Well, it’s fun for adults too! You would listen to an audiobook without a second thought, so why not be your own audiobook?

Reading to your partner is an intimate and fun experience where you can both engage in the same material. It can be a fun adventure story or an informative read on an interesting subject; your choice! Reading together is a great prompt for a conversation that doesn’t just revolve around how many blow-outs the baby had that day…

Plus, it’s a great night out idea! Go to a bookstore and go nuts! You can attend a library sale and stock up on a ton of cool books for next to nothing. Make a night of it, browsing and discussing selections. That way, you have something you can do when it’s not possible to leave the house.

Date Night For Parents: Hit the Town

No matter what you plan, make time for each other. We believe that a date night for parents is important; you owe it to yourselves and your kids to be happy and connect with each other. That’s one of the many reasons that we are a 24/7 center!

So schedule some time to get out of the house with each other and let us keep an eye on the little ones.

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