Creative Corner: 9 Proven Benefits of Coloring for Kids

benefits of coloring

The way you fill your child’s day right now is going to impact all of their tomorrows.

In early developmental stages, children’s behaviors and thoughts are soaking up everything. It’s our jobs to stimulate their minds. When you sit down at the table to do an activity with your child, it’s important to bring joy and purpose to the table.

Coloring is the perfect option. The benefits of coloring range from enjoyment to the emotional process. The biggest perk is that kids are naturally drawn to it. 

If you’re wondering what else coloring can do, check out the benefits described below.

Benefits of Coloring 

Kids and coloring go together like mac and cheese. This popular and simple activity helps children develop into happier adults. Kids can easily enjoy coloring at home, at their daycare, and on the road. 

Here are the top 9 benefits of coloring: 

1. Fosters Self-Expression

Children have to start somewhere on the self-expression stage. Coloring gives kids the chance to describe the thoughts they don’t have any words for yet. The colors they choose and what they draw can reveal what’s going on their developing mind. 

2. A Form of Therapy 

Along with self-expression comes a better sense of self. Through colors, kids can release confusing feelings onto the page. This results in healthy emotional processing at a young age.

3. Encourages Creativity 

Coloring sparks imagination. Children have to make creative choices ranging from colors choice to coloring technique. Coloring allows your kids to naturally develop ideas. 

4. Improves Motor Skills

Over time the way a child grips a crayon helps their hand and wrist muscles. The more these muscles are developed the better their fine motor skills will be. 

5. Builds Confidence 

Once a child finishes a color page they feel a sense of accomplishment. This may seem small but completing a small task will increase their confidence. 

6. Helps Hand-Eye Coordination 

During the younger stages of childhood, coordination is only just beginning to develop. Coloring provides a task that relies on the eye and hand working together in a precise manner.

7. Teaches Color Recognition 

We communicate and rely on colors to make sense of our environment. Creating an early awareness of colors will help them engage color in adulthood. 

8. Develops Boundaries, Structure, and Spacial Awareness

Color sheets provide a set of expectations and rules. Children must work to understand the structure and boundaries of each shape. These base principles will help them navigate social situations their entire life. 

9. Prepares Them for School 

Coloring helps your children achieve success in school. Color sheets encourage self-reflection and teach kids to work within a structure. With these tools in their toolbox as toddlers, kindergarten will be a breeze.

Please Pass the Juice Box and Crayon Box 

The benefits of coloring are like the colors in a crayon box: plenty of options and each unique in their own way.

Coloring helps your children’s cognitions and emotions. Like we needed another reason to like coloring?  When they get really good, you can switch to a blank white page and let their imagination run wild. 

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