Chomping at the Bit: 5 Essential Teething Toys

teething toys

Toddlers, in general, can be a handful, let alone a teething one! Teething causes babies to be uncomfortable which can cause them to be aggravated. Teething toys are a blessing for both new mommas and new babies.

Teething toys offer counteractive pressure to the rising tooth. These toys will soothe their pain and help them develop the skills they’ll need with their new chompers. 

These are the top 5 essential teething toys of all time. 

 1. Green Toys Twist Teether

This teething toy isn’t just a teether, it rattles too! Keeping even the busiest of babies occupied. You can even stick this bad boy in the freezer, the cold plastic will offer extra relief for your teething toddler.

The best thing about the Green Toys Twist Teether is the fact this teething toy is made out of 100% recycled milk jugs. 

2. Sophie the Giraffe 

This teething toy is a legend in the baby world! Sophie The Giraffe has been a popular teething toy since 1961. This natural-rubber teether is easy for babies to hold, and the long legs allow babies to focus on those difficult to reach back molars.

3. Baby Banana Teether/Toothbrush Trainer

The Baby Banana Teether is another toy with dual functions! This baby teething toy offers relief to the rising tooth while the silicone bristles clean away particles and give the gums a nice massage. 

4. Nuby Wacky Teething Ring

This teething ring has a lot of different textures to keep babies occupied, and relieved.

It’s built into three separate parts: A cool gel side that soothes front teeth, firmer parts for the middle teeth, and the firmest parts to reach back molars and massage sore gums. 

It also has two rabbit-like ears that make a crunching sound when you bite into them. Your teething tots will be naturally stimulated by this toy and will enjoy it for hours.  

5. Cheeky Chompers Neckerchief 

Teething tots often drool, a lot. This adorable neckerchief doubles as both a bib and a teething toy. The bib will protect your little one’s outfit while relieving their sore gums, a double-whammy!

It’s one of the pricier options but Cheeky Chompers patron’s rave that it’s worth every penny. Its thick material makes it durable for all-day play plus it’s reversible, so you can get twice the time out of it per wash. 

Finding the Perfect Teething Toy

Teething is an exciting developmental time. Teething toys offer your baby relief while developing their cognitive and psychomotor skills.

These toys are often cheap so it’ll save you and your little one grief when this uncomfortable time comes to invest in some.

Toys with contrasting surfaces will offer counteractive pressure to relieve the teething tot as they experience an array of discomfort as they grow. Toys you can pop in the freezer will offer a nice, numbing sensation. 

Remember, to always supervise your little ones while they play with their teething toys! Explore our site for more childcare insights and advice.