Baby Not Latching?: The Top Breastfeeding Tips That Actually Work

breastfeeding tips

Learning some breastfeeding tips in advance will help you transition into motherhood like a champ. 

These tips for breastfeeding will be valuable so that you can ramp up your milk production, and also help with a baby that might not be latching on. Use these tips so that you can get the most out of breastfeeding. 

1. Be Water, My Friend — Flow With Your Baby’s Schedule 

It’s important to remember that when breastfeeding, you’re on your baby’s schedule, and not the other way around. 

While you do have some control over the process, your baby’s natural hunger will be the indicating factor. Start picking up on their hunger cues, such as whining, sucking their hands and fingers and sticking out their tongue. 

The more that you flow with their natural inclinations, the more you’ll learn about them and be able to prepare and adapt. 

2. Create a Comfortable Setup for Breastfeeding

You’ve got to make sure that breastfeeding is a comfortable, low-stress matter for you and your baby. 

This can mean setting up breastfeeding stations and practices for when you’re on the go as well. For instance, when you’re on family vacation, you’ll want to satisfy your baby’s hunger quickly and conveniently so you can get back to the fun. 

Go all out with a comfortable chair, pillows, aromatherapy, music, and anything else that you and your baby need to relax into the process. This way,  you will be better able to feed your baby on your terms. 

3. Find the Perfect Position

Each baby is unique, so you’ll want to try out different breastfeeding positions that work. 

Once you find what works, stick to it and help your baby into the position so that they can latch on comfortably. You’ll begin to bond with your bundle of joy, while also helping them nurse. 

4. Take Great Care of Your Nipples and Your Body

Sometimes discomfort can get in the way and make breastfeeding more difficult than it would be otherwise. 

This is definitely the case if your breasts are beginning to ache, or if your nipples hurt. Rub some coconut oil on your nipples and areolas to help with soreness and chafing. 

You’ll also want to take great care of your whole body so that backaches and neck pain don’t get in the way. Start working out to build your bodily endurance, and this will help you out. 

Follow These Breastfeeding Tips Accordingly

When you start breastfeeding, it can be difficult at first. The more that you apply these breastfeeding tips, the better you will be able to adapt. 

This is particularly true if you or your baby are having some difficulty. Every problem has a solution, so utilize the tips in this article. 

Get a handle on taking care of your little bundle of joy now, and stay tuned to our content for more great parental advice.

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