A Night for Mom and Dad: The Top Date Night Ideas for Parents

date night ideas for parents


Having one kid can be a full-time job. If you have more than one, forget about it. You’re probably tired and stressed on a frequent basis. 

So with this in mind, how do you keep your relationship hot and fun?

With these date night ideas for parents, you can regain the spark.

1. Book a Romantic Staycation With Room Service and Plenty of Lovin’

What’s hotter than a late night rendezvous in a hotel? You don’t have to wait for vacation to do this if you think outside the box. 

So many married couples today find themselves in sex-starved marriages, so never let intimacy go by the wayside. By booking a staycation with room service, rose petals, candles, and of course, lots of great sex, it’s just what you need to keep your relationship alive. 

2. Go For a Sauna and Massage Date

Saunas are set up to help you relax and unwind. 

When you go to the sauna together, you’ll have time to sit in the wet heat, dry heat, and cold rooms, while also soaking in different types of tubs. It gives you time to relax together and work the stress out of your bodies. 

These saunas often have all sorts of couples massage packages. No one says you have to wait for Valentine’s Day to go out of your way with this type of pampering. 

3. Have Some Sports Fun

The vast majority of people are walking around stressed out and overworked, and you can pretty much double this if you also have to manage and raise children. 

Nothing lets you get rid of stress like physical activity. Consider some physical activities like batting cages, gym workouts, shooting baskets, and rock climbing to enjoy each other’s company and de-stress together. 

4. Grab Some Coffee or Tea

Going to grab a cup of Joe or tea is still a great idea no matter how long you’ve been together. 

As another benefit, you can take time out of your day whenever you want to do this. Whether you want to grab a cup in the morning, on a lunch break or with a slice of cake in the evening, this can be just what you need to catch up and spend time. 

5. Get a Babysitter and Crash on the Couch


Nobody says you have to get extravagant just to have a good time together. Sometimes you just want to chill out and fall asleep in each other’s arms after a good movie. 

Clean the house and call up some child care services so you can truly let your hair down. Check out rates for childcare so that you can find someone affordable and caring. 

Consider These Date Night Ideas For Parents

Using these date night ideas for parents can help you keep your relationship alive. When you put these tips to use, you will be able to keep the spark that builds your love and also helps you be the best parents you can be. 

When you need childcare that is top-notch, reach out to us today!