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Educate the Whole Child

We encourage each child to develop their potential and become their best mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Stay Connected

We proudly partnered with Brightwheel so you can use the app to watch your child’s day unfold and stay connected in their learning.


Ready for Liftoff

Our programs prepare children for kindergarten so that the transition into elementary is smooth. Your child will be primed to learn.


Things To Do
Our programs are specially designed to meet your child’s developmental needs using classic
teaching methods integrated with new and innovative educational strategies to keep young
minds learning and engaged. We offer a range of early childhood programs for walking age to 5
Playtime is a large and important part of the curriculum in all of our classes. It has been proven
that free play is the most appropriate method to use for early childhood learning. We believe
that young kids should learn through playing and not structured instruction and rigorous tests.
Making play part of your child’s day helps in his or her social, emotional, physical and mental
Kids are born curious and will always want to explore their surrounding. They like to observe
and immitate. This leads to them wanting to create. Exploration through art helps children’s
brain form connections between themselves and the environment making it easier for them to
We have music as part of all class curricula. Apart from introducing kids to melody, rhythm, and
pitch, musical experiences can help in advancing social skills and motor adeptness. It has aslo
been proven to accelerate brain development and strengthen memory. We all love music and,
educational benefits aside, it brings joy to anyone who listens to it.
Outdoor play an important part of growing up and is an essential part of a young child’s progress. That is why we encourage child-friendly games during playtime/outside time. These activities keep kids physically healthy and mentally sharp. Competitive sports and games also help build character and promote teamwork, cooperation, and confidence.


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